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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Show Piety to Lord

Say: "Who is it that
Sustains you (in life)
From the sky and from the earth?
Or who is it that
Has power over hearing
And sight? And who
is it that brings out
The living from the dead
And the dead from the living?
And who is it that
Rules and regulates all affairs?
They will soon say, "GOD".
Say, "Will ye not then
Show piety (to Him)?"

(The Holy Quran, Chapter: 10, Verse: 31)

Wealth and sons are allurements
Of the life of this world:
But the things that endure,
Good Deeds, are best
In the sight of thy Lord,
As rewards, and best
As (the foundation for) hopes.

(The Holy Quran, Chapter: 18, Verse: 46)

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