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Thursday, June 12, 2014

All Prophets Spread the Message of Peace, Love and Justice

"It is those who believe
And mix not their beliefs
With wrong-that are
(Truly) in security, for they
Are on (right) guidance."

That was Our argument
Which We gave to Abraham
(To use) against his people:
We raise whom We will,
Degree after degree:
For thy Lord is full
Of wisdom and knowledge.

We gave him Isaac
And Jacob: all (three)
We guided:
And before him
We guided Noah,
And among his progeny,
David, Solomon, Job,
Joseph, Moses and Aaron:
Thus do we reward
Those who do good:

And Zakariya and John,
And Jesus and Elias:
All in the ranks
Of the Righteous:

And Ismail and Elisha,
And Jonas, and Lot:
And to all We gave
Favour above the nations:

(The Holy Quran, Chapter: 6, Verses: 82 to 86)

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