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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Holy Quran's Condemnation of Female Infanticide

When news is brought
To one of them, (the birth
of) a girl child, his face
Darkens, and he is filled
With inward grief!

With shame does he hide
Himself from his people,
Because of the bad news
He has had!
Shall he retain it
On (sufferance and) Contempt,
Or bury it in the dust?
Ah! what an evil (choice)
They decide on?

(The Holy Quran, Chapter: 16, Verses: 58,59)

Say: "Come, I will rehearse
What God hath (really)
Prohibited you from"; join not
Anything with Him:
Be good to your parents;
Kill not your children
On a plea of want; We
Provide sustenance for you
And for them; - come not
Nigh to indecent deeds,
Whether open or secret;
Take not life, which God
Hath made sacred, except
By way of justice and law:
Thus doth He command you,
That ye may learn wisdom.

(The Holy Quran, Chapter: 6, Verse: 151)

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