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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Religious Pluralism in The Quran

It was We who revealed
The Torah (to Moses): therein
Was guidance and light.
By its standard have been judged
The Jews, by the Prophets
Who bowed (as in Islam)
To God's Will, by the Rabbis
And the Doctors of Law:
For to them was entrusted
The protection of God's Book,
And they were witnesses thereto:
Therefore fear not men,
But fear Me, and sell not
My signs for a miserable price,
If any do fail to judge
By what God
Hath revealed, they are

We ordained therein for them:
"Life for life, eye for eye,
Nose for nose, ear for ear,
Tooth for tooth, and wounds
Equal for equal." But if
Any one remits the retaliation
By way of charity, it is
An act of atonement for himself.
And if any fail to judge
By what God
Hath revealed, they are

And in their footsteps
We sent Jesus the son
Of Mary, confirming
The Torah that had come
Before him: We sent him
The Gospel: therein
Was guidance and light.
And confirmation of the Torah
That had come before him:
A guidance and an admonition
To those who fear God.

Let the people of the Gospel
Judge by what God hath revealed
Therein. If any do fail
To judge by
What God hath revealed,
They are
Those who rebel.

To thee We sent the Scripture
In truth, confirming
The scripture that came
Before it, and guarding it
In safety: so judge
Between them by what
God hath revealed,
And follow not their vain
Desires, diverging
From the Truth that hath come
To thee. To each among you
Have We prescribed a Law
And an Open Way.
If God had so willed,
He would have made you
A single People, but (His
Plan is) to test you in what
He hath given you: so strive
As in a race in all virtues.
The goal of yo all is to God;
It is He that will show you
The truth of the matters
In which ye dispute;

(The Holy Quran, Chapter 5, Verses: 44 to 48)

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