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Monday, August 5, 2013

Ramadan Reading

How many are the creatures
That carry not their own
sustenance? It is God
Who feeds (both) them and you:
For He hears and knows
(All things).

(Holy Quran Chapter 29, Verse 60)

What is the life of this world
But amusement and play?
But verily the Home
of the Hereafter, - that is
Life indeed, if they but knew.

(Holy Quran Chapter 29, Verse 64)

It is God Who sends
The Winds, and they raise
The Clouds: then does He
Spread them in the sky
As He wills, and break them
Into fragments, until thou seest
Rain-drops issue from the midst
Thereof: then when He has
Made them reach such
Of His servants as He wills,
Behold, they do rejoice!

(Holy Quran Chapter 30, Verse 48)

It is God Who
Created you in a state
Of (helpless) weakness, then
Gave (you) strength after weakness,
Then, after strength, gave (you)
Weakness and a hoary head:
He creates whatever He wills,
And it is He Who has
All knowledge and power.

(Holy Quran Chapter 30, Verse 54)

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