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Monday, June 10, 2013


And the earth We have spread out
(Like a carpet); set thereon
Mountains firm and immovable;
And produced therein all kinds
Of things in due balance.

And We have provided therein
Means of subsistence, - for you
And for those for whose sustenance
Ye are not responsible.

And there is not a thing
But its (sources and) treasures
(Inexhaustible) are with Us;
But We only send down
Thereof in due and ascertainable measures.

And we send the fecundating winds,
Then cause the rain to descend
From the sky, therewith providing
You with water (in abundance),
Though ye are not the guardians
Of its stores

And verily, it is We
Who give life, and Who give
Death: it is We Who remain
(After all else passes away).

To Us are known those of you
Who hasten forward, and those
Who lag behind.

Assuredly it is thy Lord
Who will gather them together:
For He is Perfect in Wisdom
And Knowledge.

(The Holy Quran, Chapter: 15, Verses: 19 to 25)

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