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Monday, June 6, 2011

What Nature tells us about God?

A keen observation of Nature may lead to remembrance of God; In its 16th chapter, Quran tells us why in detail:

Chapter 16

Verse 65: And God sends down rain
From the skies, and gives therewith
Life to the earth after its death:
Verily in this is a Sign
For those who listen.

66: And verily in cattle (too)
Will ye find an instructive Sign.
From what is within their bodies,
Between excretions and blood,
We produce, for your drink,
Milk, pure and agreeable
To those who drink it.

67: And from the fruit
Of the date-palm and the vine,
Ye get out strong drink,
And wholesome food: behold, in this
Also is a Sign
For those who are wise.

68: And thy Lord taught the Bee
To build its cells in hills,
On trees, and in (humans') habitations;

69: Then to eat of all
The produce (of the earth)
And follow the ways of Thy
Lord made smooth: there issues
From within their bodies
A drink of varying colours,
Wherein is healing for humans:
Verily in this is a Sign
For those who give thought.

70: It is God Who creates you
And takes your souls at death;
And of you there are
Some who are sent back
To a feeble age, so that
They know nothing after
Having known (much):
For God is All-Knowing,

71: God has bestowed His gifts
Of sustenance more freely on some
Of you than on others: those
More favoured are not going
To throw back their gifts
To those whom their right hands
Possess, so as to be equal
In that respect. Will they then
Deny the favours of God?

These words have made me remember God.

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