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Friday, June 10, 2011

Wealth and children are not yours

If you ever thought your wealth and children are yours alone, you may be making a mistake. That is the message that I get while reading The Quran. Here is a sample verse from tenth chapter. (10:24)

The likeness of the life
Of the Present is
As the rain which we
Send down from the skies:
By its mingling arises
The produce of the earth-
Which provides food
For humans and animals:
(It grows) till the earth
Is clad with its golden
Ornaments and is decked out
(In beauty): the people to whom
It belongs think they have
All powers of disposal over it:
There reaches Our command
By night or by day,
And we make it
Like a harvest clean-mown,
As if it had not flourished
Only the day before!
Thus do We explain
The Signs in detail
For those who reflect.

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