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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Remember God for the favours you cannot deny

Here I write down the verses 63 to 74 from the 56th chapter of the Holy Quran. It may be an eyeopener to many who may not have read the Holy Quran.

63. See ye the seed that
Ye sow in the ground?

64. Is it ye that cause it
To grow, or are We
The Cause?

65.Were it Our Will,
We could make it broken orts.
And ye would
Be left in wonderment,

66. (Saying), "We are indeed
Left with debts (for nothing):

67. "Indeed we are deprived."

68. See ye the water
Which ye drink?

69. Do ye bring it Down
(In rain) from the Cloud
Or do We?

70. Were it Our Will
We could make it
Saltish and (unpalatable):
Then why do ye not
Give thanks?

71. See ye the Fire
Which ye kindle?

72. Is it ye who grow
The tree which feeds
The fire, or do We
Grow it?

73. We have made it
A reminder
And an article of comfort
And convenience for
The denizens of deserts.

74. Then glorify
The name of thy Lord,
The Supreme!

(The Holy Quran, 56: 63-74)

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