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Friday, December 30, 2011

Get inspiration from Nature, says Quran

The reading of Holy Quran this morning took me through pages where God asks us to get inspiration from Nature for belief in Him.Here are some samples from 16th Chapter:

It is He Who sends down
Rain from the sky
From it ye drink,
And out of it (grows)
The vegetation on which
Ye feed your cattle.

With it He produces
For you corn, olives,
Date-palms, grapes
And every kind of fruit:
Verily in this is a Sign
For those who give thought.

(16: 12)
He has made subject to you
The Night and the Day;
The Sun and the Moon;
And the Stars are in subjection
By His Command: verily
In this are signs
For humans who are wise.

It is He who has made
The sea subject, that ye
May eat thereof flesh
That is fresh and tender,
And that ye may extract
Therefrom ornaments to wear;
And thou seest the ships
Therein that plough the waves,
That ye may seek (thus)
Of the bounty of God
And that ye may be grateful.

And He has set up
On the earth mountains
Standing firm, lest it should
Shake with you; and rivers
And ways: that ye
May guide yourselves;

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