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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Please read this now

Seest thou not that it is
God Whose praises all beings
In the heavens and on earth
Do celebrate, and the birds
(of the air) with wings
Outspread? Each one knows
Its own (mode of) prayer
And praise. And God
Knows well all that they do. (Holy Quran Chapter:24, Verse:41)

Yea, to God belongs
The dominion of the heavens
And the earth; and to God
Is the return. (Holy Quran 24:42)

Seest thou not that God
Makes the clouds move
Gently, then joins them
Together, then makes them
Into a heap? - then wilt thou
See rain issue forth
From their midst. And He
Sends down from the sky
Mountain masses (of clouds)
Wherein is hail: He strikes
Therewith whom He pleases
And He turns it away
From whom He pleases.
The vivid flash of its lightning
Well-nigh blinds the sight. (Holy Quran 24: 43)

It is God Who alternates
The Night and the Day:
Verily in these things
Is an instructive example
For those who have vision! (Holy Quran 24: 44)

And God has created
Every animal from water:
Of them there are some
That creep on their bellies;
Some that walk on two legs:
And some that walk on four.
God creates what He wills;
For verily God has power
Over all things. (Holy Quran 24:45)

We have indeed sent down
Signs that make things manifest:
And God guides whom He wills
To a way that is straight. (Holy Quran 24:46)

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