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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Today's Reading

He created the heavens
And the earth
In true (proportions):
He makes the Night
Overlap the Day, and the Day
Overlap the Night:
He has subjected
The sun and the moon
(To His law):
Each one follows a course
For a time appointed.
Is not He the Exalted
In Power - He Who forgives
Again and again?
He created you (all)
From a single Person:
Then created, of like nature,
His mate; and He
Sent down for you eight head
Of cattle in pairs:
He creates you,
In the wombs
Of your mothers,
In stages, one after another,
In three veils of darkness.
Such is God, your Lord
And Cherisher: to Him belongs
(All) dominion : There is
No God but He : then
How are ye turned away
(From your true Lord)?

(Holy Quran : 39: 5 and 6)

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